“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. 

Come! Respond to the call of the New Evangelization, become an authentic lay missionary disciple of Jesus through Mary, and participate in the great commission of Jesus to evangelize all peoples.

Come, live the life of a disciple!


DISCIPLE gave me tools to spread God’s love and message to my family and friends.

Samantha Garcia

We were blessed to be part of the team during REVIVE and DISCIPLE. Even though we have been Catholics all of our lives, we had a big wake-up call when we heard each talk. It brought a lot of things to light.

Richard and Clara Ponce

With DISCIPLE, I appreciated the feeling of inclusion and community. Also, I liked how you could understand the material no matter where you are in your faith.

Manuella Camarillo

A disciple, that is what I long to be for our Heavenly Father. I love sharing the Lords love with others and pray that I would be emptied of me so I can be filled with him to bring others closer to him.

Duvie Cervantes