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It's Your Life!




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The Church is always in mission.

Each of us is called to be a missionary disciple. Missionary doesn’t always mean giving up your home or your job. You are called to be a missionary wherever you are.

So... what is your mission?




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Its Your Life


God has you where you are for a reason.
That's your Mission. Simple, right?

Not easy.

That's why we're here.







Live Your Mission

Life is best lived in community. MISSION is a small group discipleship program that helps you focus on your mission to become a disciple, learning to live according to the call the Lord has for you!

 Basically, MISSION is broken down into a few simple elements. The three steps below give an overview of MISSION and will help you to live your call to be a missionary disciple. 




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Cut through the distractions, hear God's voice, and hone in on your Mission in life.





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Create a tangible map to simplify and clarify your Mission from God.





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Get the tools and the community you need to start living your Mission to the fullest.