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You can't do something that you don't know how to do. Being prepared for the inevitable obstacles you'll face is crucial to Mission success.

MISSION provides an outline, a format to act as a starting point for your meetings and growth. MISSION compiles resources to aid you in your journey. Wherever you are right now, MISSION is your life.

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What is MISSION?

1 What is MISSION

What is a MISSION Group?

2 What is a MISSION Group

Step 1: MISSION Recap

3 Step One, MISSION Recap

Step Two: Liturgy Prep

4 Step Two, Liturgy Prep

Step 3: MISSION Mapping

5 Step Three, Mission Mapping

Training Talks




Sent Person

Sent Person

Trust, Surrender, and Cheerfulness

Trust, Surrender, and Cheerfulness

Marian Consecration