BECOMING MISSIONARY DISCIPLES was founded by the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) as an evangelization ministry responding to the Church’s call to participate in the new evangelization. The ministry consists of three parts. REVIVE is a program for parishes. DISCIPLE leads the faithful deeper in knowledge and experience of their faith and their call to be missionary disciples. DISCIPLE is followed by the formation of MISSION groups that continue their journey together through regular meetings and ongoing formation.



All of us need to be refreshed and restored. In REVIVE you’ll meet God face to face. His great love for you will awaken and refresh your soul. Growing in knowledge of His divine plan for living and the gifts of the Church will deepen your desire to know and follow Him.

REVIVE, is an 8-week parish program, which aims at awakening the participant to the importance of a relationship with Christ and the Church. The course begins by examining our natural desire for happiness and proposes that the Most Holy Trinity, encountered through the Church, is precisely the answer to this desire.


REVIVE For Parishes


Ready for a life of greater purpose, meaning, and inspiration? In DISCIPLE you’ll receive a greater understanding of the purpose and power of your Baptism. You’ll go deeper in your relationships with God your Father, Jesus your Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit your Counselor. You’ll learn to follow the example of the perfect missionary disciple, Mary.

DISCIPLE consists of ten talks and can be run as a parish program or by individual and small group study. By learning and practicing the Sacraments, praying the Rosary, and learning to practice Liturgy Preparation, you’ll see Christ moving in your own life and your relationships. Empowered by God, new opportunities to serve and reach out to others will transform your way of life.


DISCIPLE for Parishes        DISCIPLE for Individuals and Small Groups


MISSION is the final and ongoing component of Becoming Missionary Disicples. MISSION, it’s your life - wherever you are and whatever you do. MISSION is the call for all of us.  Christ is there and more than ready to help you be loved and love others. He is with and for you, those you love, and those you encounter everyday. In MISSION, standing on the foundation of Christ’s Church, the Sacraments and God’s Holy Word, through Liturgy Preparation, you’re taking every step with and for Christ. Trained for challenges and supported by others and their own testimonies, MISSION brings us deeper into the Holy and Divine Will of God.


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